Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell | 1 Minute Reviews

Help, I’ve still not recovered from reading this dark little book.

Ellie Mack disappears one day after going to the library, never to be found. Ten years later, her mother Laurel is struggling to find closure on Ellie’s disappearance, even though the police chalk it up to her being a runaway.

A chance meeting with a handsome man in a cafe leads to a whirlwind romance, where Laurel comes face to face with Ellie’s doppleganger in a nine year old girl called Poppy.


Unsettlingly creepy and heart-wrenching, Then She Was Gone follows Laurel as she reopens her own investigation to try and find out what happened to Ellie. This is a real tour de force of writing, as Jewell leads us down a decade old path and into the mind of a number of crucial characters.

Jewell’s characters leap from the page with such a strength of voice that blew me away. There are some really quite shocking and gruesome moments in this book, which jumps around the timeline of Ellie disappearing. The mystery reveals itself piece by piece and Jewell leaves you questioning yourself at every turn.

If you love thrillers, you must pick up this book. You will not be disappointed by this strange book from bestseller Lisa Jewell.

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