Prisoner of Ice and Snow by Ruth Lauren | Book Tour

This post is the first stop for the Prisoner of Ice and Snow Blog Tour for Bloomsbury Kids! Check out the other posts at the bottom throughout the week to find out more!

I know it’s only September, but trust me when I tell you I’ve got the perfect wintry girls-being-awesome adventure to tell you about. Grab your thick blankets, cocoa (or hot drink of choice) and cosy up with Prisoner of Ice and Snow, the debut novel from author Ruth Lauren.

Prisoner of Ice and Snow

Valor has a plan to save her sister, but it requires trying to assassinate the crown prince Anatol in front of essentially the whole Kingdom of Demidova, during a peaceful celebration with neighbouring Magadanskya. It’s… a bit complicated.

Thrown into the ice fortress of Tyur’ma, Valor sets her plan into motion – find Sasha, locate the tunnels under the prison system and escape for good. Together with her new allies Felicks and Katia, Valor must battle gruelling prison life and Warden Kirov to rescue Sasha.

But why is Sasha imprisoned? There’s the issue of one missing music box. But if Sasha didn’t steal it, who did?

That’s right my friends, it’s a prison break-in and break-out novel set in sort-of Russia. You may recall that one of my all time favourite books is the Grisha novels Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, and admittedly the similarities did make me worry. But do not be alarmed, dear reader! This is a very different and equally enjoyable novel – more akin to the works of Kiran Millwood Hargrave or William Nicholson.

Valor is a great character, determined, loyal and brave. She reminds me of a number of great protagonists that mattered to me so much as I grew up – Lyra, Kestrel, Sabriel. I really fell for Felicks and cautious Katia, and I hope that they appear in the future novels.

The story is well executed, twisting and exciting, and really sets the heart racing. I was incredibly impressed by this, not least because it is a debut! This is a great adventure novel continuing the trend of recent for children’s fiction fronted by female protagonists – if you want to check out some more click here.

Prisoner of Ice and Snow is a mature middle grade novel that would be well enjoyed by fans of YA as well. This is an impressive start to a brand new fast paced adventure series, with the next instalment due in 2018.

Interested? Get it here and add it to your GoodReads.

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