Aurabel by Laura Dockrill | 1 Minute Reviews

Hold up! This is the sequel to Lorali and there are spoilers abound! Go read that review, buy the book, read it. If you’ve done that already, then sure continue below.

It seems pretty appropriate that I would read the second book in this series at a time when there was flooding. Yes, once again our house was threatened by flooding, and no I didn’t move the books before the rain started, and now our kitchen is full of our books.

And once again, rather than dealing with that mess, I sat down and read Aurabel.

And, guys, my heart is so full.

I absolutely loved Laura Dockrill’s first mermaid novel, Lorali, and I’m really pleased to say that I love Aurabel just as much.


This is a slightly different novel in terms of tone. There is a levity that was brought by The Sea and the pirates that is missing, although comic relief is provided again by the forum posters of MAMAT. However, given the ending of Lorali, this feels completely appropriate.

Aurabel is a Mer from the poor side of the sea, from the Tip where she lives with her girlfriend Murray. After the closure of the petrified forest by King Zar, a number of monsters crept in making it unsafe for Mer to visit their haven. Bowing to public pressure, Zar consents to reopening the forest provided the monsters are cleared out, bringing in feisty Aurabel for the job. But all does not go as planned when cruel Sienna intervenes, using plucky Aurabel’s demise as the spark for a coup. But Aurabel is not dead; just plotting her revenge.

Meanwhile, on land Lorali and Flynn mourn the loss of Rory as Iris slowly slips into illness. Lorali’s sad peace is interrupted by warnings from the sea; can she go back?

And over in the whirl, King Zar seems to have salvaged a familiar face who goes by the name of Kai…

This is a an emotional follow up to Lorali and I’m so glad it exists, tying up all the loose ends left in the first book – even relatively secondary characters like Opal, Iris and Carmine get a resolution.

Once again, Dockrill’s poetic background bleeds through into her atmospheric, pacy prose, weaving stunning imagery and fantastical landscapes.

As with Lorali, I whipped through this book. I woke up at 5.30 this morning and thought, heck I may as well just sit and finish this book now. What a treat. I absolutely love the world of the Mer that Dockrill created, and while I hope for more I’d be happy for the duology to end here, with a completion that the first story begged. Bravo.

Get it here.

What to read next:

Thank you kindly to Hot Key Books for sharing both of these books with me. They’ll be getting an annual re-read.



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