Girl Out of Water by Nat Luurtsema | 1 Minute Reviews

I have this idea that certain books demand to be read in particular places, seasons, towns. I had this notion that I’d be able to read Girl Out of Water at the side of the pool somewhere. Instead I had to settle for the bath.

Girl Out of Water is Nat Luurtsema’s debut YA novel, and is so hilarious that I slipped in the bath laughing and dunked myself. Beware, you will snort-laugh in public.


Determined to be an Olympic swimmer, Lou’s poor times means her dreams of aquatic stardom are quashed, whereas her best friend Hannah finds herself pressing forward to the training camp. Without anything else to call her own, Lou is convinced by three popular boys to act as their coach for synchronised swimming routines for Britain’s Hidden Talent, a Saturday night televised talent show.

Going up against her old swimming team, can Lou’s boys prove they aren’t just a bit useless and steal the show? Well, I can tell you there are some incidents involving a statue stuck to a car, an aquarium and a possible local mafia.

I whizzed through this novel cackling and snorting. I’ve just discovered (thanks to snooping) that the currently unnamed sequel has been finished and will hopefully be released to the world next Summer, which I’m absolutely desperate for.

This is a sparkling UK YA for fans of Holly Bourne, Louise Rennison and Holly Smale. Dive in!

Buy it here.

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Thank you kindly to Walker YA for sharing this copy with me.

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