Editing Emma by Chloe Seager | 1 Minute Reviews

When I was a teenager, my shelves were bursting with Louise Rennison. I would live for the release of the next book, each in their slightly sparkly hardbacks, absolutely stuffed with hilarious stories of Georgia and the Sex God.

I met Chloe in a bar a few months back, where we awkwardly both managed to separately butt into a private party upstairs then identified we were both book people by our choice of literary tote bags. We had a long chat about the importance of Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging on our generation, and she casually mentioned her novel coming out soon.

As soon as the proof arrived, I tucked down to read it and within about 30 seconds I was cackling. Praise be, Chloe Seager is this generations Louise Rennison – there I said it!


Emma’s boyfriend Leon seems to have dropped off the scene this summer, and when Emma sees a status announcement that Leon is in a relationship with Anna McDowell, she absolutely melts down. After several weeks of moping, Emma decides to rebrand herself and her blog, making way for life edits for the better.

Together with her gaggle of three friends Steph, Faith and Gracie, she tries to navigate heartbreak, chatting up men on the internet and getting too drunk at parties.

Editing Emma is not just witty, but it is frank and contains a lot of healthy discussion of girls masturbating, which is really important for young girls to read about! Editing Emma also tackles ghosting, coming out and dating people you really aren’t that into. I’m already looking forward to reading it again, as I know its going to be one of those books you pick up on bad days to lift you up. Bravo Chloe!

Interested? Get it here.

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Thanks to HQ Stories for sharing this copy with me!

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