I’m Finally Doing It (and like 3 other projects, stop me)

Since Nerys came, things have been a little less regular on the blog and especially my YouTube where dust bunnies are gathering in the corners. Being a puppy mom takes up a lot of time, as you’d expect, and my plans for some articles and videos are sitting on the side lines.

And they’re getting sidelined even more because of a couple of things. The one I’m going to tell you about is….. *deep breath* I’m going to enter Write Now Live.

Write Now Live is a scheme by Penguin Random House specifically for BAME, LGBTQ+ and disabled authors, whereby ten are chosen to be mentored with the intention of PRH publishing their book.

Now, I’m fully expecting not to get to the final 10. I’d like to get to the big day in London, but I’m using the deadlines for WNL as deadlines to get my book done. This last week I’ve done 3 days in a row of 3 hours a day of solid editing and rewriting. While not much, this is a lot more than I have been doing in the last few months, so I’m counting it as a win. I’ve currently got 30,000 words drafted of manuscript, expecting to edit, chop and add stuff into this to bring it up to ~45000, or half way through the first book… because I’m writing a trilogy.

So yeah, things are going to be quiet on here for the next month potentially, but I’m hoping that needing distractions from my own terrible writing will drive me to book reviewing. I have a stack of 10-12 that need addressing already.

So yeh, wish me luck guys. I don’t think WNL are looking for gay fantasy YA right now, but I’m serving it them anyway.

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