Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde | 1 Minute Reviews

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I heard about Queens of Geek thanks to Jim of Ya Yeah Yeah – an autistic girl in a romance novel set at a convention?! I mean, it just screams I gotta read this.


Queens of Geek is published by the wonderful Swoon Reads, an internet publishing community that allows authors to submit manuscripts which are then voted on, with the best selected for publishing. I’m already considering submitting something, once its finished.

Therefore, it wasn’t so easy for me to pick up in a store, especially as it turned out that Jim may have bought the last copy Foyles had for at least a week, and so I ordered it on Book Depository so I could devour it over the bank holiday weekend.

And devour it I did.

Queens of Geek follows three friends – Charlie, Taylor and Jamie – as they arrive at SupaCon, the world’s best fandom convention.

Pink-haired actress-vlogger Charlie is there to promote her indie film alongside her pig-headed ex boyfriend Reese Ryan; will she ever escape questions about their relationship? A chance encounter with her favourite YouTube star Alyssa Huntington brightens the mood, and thus begins the cutest little f/f courting ever. Charlie’s chapters also deal with misogyny within creative industries, where women are asked about their styling, fitness, diets, as opposed to their methods and creativity.

Meanwhile, Taylor is experiencing her first convention alongside beautiful Jamie, who she shared that one non-date date with a few years ago, and nothing more. But she wants more. Definitely. Dressed in full Queen Firestone cosplay, Taylor’s aim is to meet author Skyler before they go (hopefully) go to college in LA, and an opportunity to enter a contest in front of everyone is just what she needs to make it happen, if she’s brave enough.

Taylor’s story resonated with me so much, to the point that I was reading sections of her chapters out to my partner, who’d smile wryly and say “that’s you.” Her fears, her thought patterns, her coping mechanisms. You can tell that this was written by an autistic person, because they just get it. Taylor and Jamie’s romance is also adorable, drawn from a place of intense friendship that made my heart burst.

If you are into your geekery and you really want to read a great romance, then this is the one. Interested? Get it here.

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