Do What You Want edited by Ruby Tandoh & Leah Pritchard | 1 Minute Reviews

I’m absolutely in love with the array of essay books that are being released now; The Good Immigrant, Nasty Women, and Know Your Place, which is still being crowdfunded, are three that spring to mind.


What started out as a project to raise some money for charities such as Mind and Beat has become a brilliant zine, a handbook for this generation to navigate mental health problems.

I’ve long admired Ruby Tandoh’s writing, both her long pieces and her threads of tweets, and so I was immediately drawn to this collection. Tandoh and Pritchard have brought together such a great collection of writers and artists, and so this zine absolutely hums with honesty, talent and vulnerability.

If you want an idea of the calibre of writing available in this zine, the team have made two essays available online: Into the Depths by Martha Rose Saunders, about autism, desire and passing; and On the Realities of Life as a Black Woman with Borderline Personality Disorder by Christine Pungong, one of the most affecting essays in the collection.

Also featured are recipes, checklist guides to loving yourself and practical advice about seeking help for your mental health problems.

The zine has been re-released for a second printing in August this year; you can preorder it here. If you want to get your hands on a physical copy earlier however, hit up their stockists listed on the website to see if they have some left. Ebook editions are also available.

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