Girl Mans Up by M. E. Girard | 1 Minute Reviews

When I heard about Girl Mans Up, I immediately asked the team at Harper Collins to send me a copy and I was not disappointed.

Girl Mans Up follows Pen as she grapples her sexuality, her family, falling in love and the toxic masculinity that pervades her friendship group.


Pen’s strict Portuguese parents just wish she’d dress like a girl, but she only feels comfortable when she dresses in her older brother’s clothes. Pen has spent her whole life following Colby, playing wing man to his charming seduction of any girl who takes his interest, but she’s started to push back against his methods when his latest girl Olivia appears to be in trouble.

Girl Mans Up fills a niche in ya by following a butch lesbian character, but also by discussing the very real ways that misogyny, patriarchy and abuse can be perpetuated, even within our minority community. I am really impressed with M. E. Girard’s debut novel – it is gritty, rough and tender, just like Pen herself.

Interested? Get it here.

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Thank you kindly to Harper Teen and the team at Harper Insider for sending me over this copy to review.

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