Boys Don’t Cry by Malorie Blackman | 1 Minute Reviews

Dante’s life is all lined up. His A Level results are about to arrive in the post any moment and then he’ll be off to university.


Except, when he opens the door it’s not the postman. It’s his ex girlfriend Melanie with a baby. His baby. When Melanie disappears leaving Dante with the baby, he and his father and brother are drawn together in order to raise his daughter Emma.

As with many Malorie Blackman novels, this is told in alternating point of view chapters, split between Dante and his brother, Adam. Alongside the main plot of Dante learning to be a father is Adam exploring his sexuality and finding himself in an unsafe relationship.

This is a great novel that explores toxic masculinity and how societal ideals of masculinity and patriarchy couple together resulting in an inability to share feelings in men. Much of the situations presented in the novel are combatted by characters opening up and sharing their emotions, but it is a fraught, tense and emotional book. I read it in just a few hours, as it was near impossible to put down.

Interested? Get it here.

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