Nasty Women by 404 Ink | 1 Minute Reviews

What does it mean to be a woman in the 21st century? What does it mean to stand up against misogyny, racism and classism alongside sexism?


Independent Scottish Publishers 404 Ink seek to answer this question in this excellent collection of essays and interviews from a number of brilliant women.

Originally released as a Kickstarter that was 369% funded, the Nasty Women collection is now widely available, as is their first edition of the 404 Ink Literary Magazine, Error.

The collection covers a wide range of topics – the feminist leanings of foraging, accountability in the punk scene, classism within the arts, the difficulty of living multiple racial identities, the struggle of loving Courtney Love.

I’m pleased to say that this essay collection holds up against my recent favourite, The Good Immigrant. Every single essay made me pause for thought and I enjoyed reading it an article at a time, allowing them to settle in my mind. Genuinely, this took me a little while to read because I wanted the extra time to connect to the voices and their experiences. I was sent a proof copy for review which didn’t include the articles from Kaite Welsh and Anna Cosgrove, which I’m sure are also brilliant. I was very impressed with the calibre and range of writing available.

I feel that this collection would stand up well in a feminist starter pack of sorts, as we continue to gather around the rallying moniker of Nasty Women. Buy a copy for the young and old women in your life; there is something for everyone here.

I’m really excited to see what else 404 Ink have in store for us, and I’m going to order their first issue right now.

Interested? Get it here.

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Thank you kindly to 404 Ink for sharing a review copy with me.

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