Frostblood by Elly Blake | 1 Minute Reviews

While I’m a reader who likes to vary my bookshelves, I’m also a person who knows what they like and I find great comfort in that. In the same way I always order a katsu curry at Wagamamas or watch Tangled when I am feeling under the weather, I seek out a fantasy girl-gone-rogue-has-secret-powers-starts-rebellion story, be it in video games, films or books.

For me, Frostblood filled this role entirely. I’d been saving this for a while, knowing it would be a book I tackled in a couple of hours, and I enjoyed it this last weekend curled up on the couch with a brew.


Ruby is a Fireblood in a country where Frostbloods rule. Hidden away by her mother in order to keep her safe, Ruby possesses great power that is eventually discovered by the King’s soldiers. Rescued from the dungeons by a monk and a scarred warrior, Ruby sets down a path of rebellion allied with a group of Frostbloods intent on taking down the King and the mysterious throne that grants him power.

Frostblood is a pacy, action packed novel that sets debut author Elly Blake’s trilogy, but could happily be enjoyed as a stand alone novel. It is good fun – who doesn’t love a swoony hate-then-love romance alongside a girl discovering her own powers? While the novel doesn’t necessarily show anything new, I enjoyed it quite a lot as someone who has run out of Salisbury and Bardugo for the time being, and I’m actually very excited to see where Blake takes the story further. This is a book that will be widely enjoyed by fans of the aforementioned Bardugo and Salisbury, as well as those of Maas.

Interested? Get it here.

What to read next:

Thank you kindly to Hodder for sharing a proof copy with me. I’m a Fireblood, it turns out!

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