Curiosity as a Driving Force | Guest Blog by Maria Turtschaninoff

Hello everyone!

Very lucky today to be the eighth stop on the Naondel blog tour with Maria Turtschaninoff and Pushkin Press. I absolutely love Maria’s first novel Maresi, which I also talk about in this video discussing stories about gender violence. Naondel is the follow up book to Maresi and I’m absolutely blown away by it.

Thank you so much to Vicki Berwick, Pushkin Press & Maria Turtschaninoff for involving me in the blog tour and sending me both books to read. I’m absolutely in love with them.

Take it away Maria!

naondel blog tour

Every story I write opens new vistas, gives me new glimpses into people and stories I want to explore and know more about. I already know I will never be able to write them all because there simply are too many. In my second novel, Arra, there are several mentions of things that happen to side characters after the book ends – I would love to go back and write all those stories. And there are myths and legends told in the novel – I want to write those myths, too! My fourth novel, Anaché, has a very open ending, with hints of things to come – I fully intend to write a continuation. One day. When writing Maresi, my fifth novel and the first to be translated into English, a short mention led to a whole unexpected novel, the sequel to Maresi: Naondel. And oh boy, Naondel itself is full of story seeds I would love to explore…

Recently I wrote some hints of backstory for a character in “Letters from Maresi”, the working title for the novel I am currently working on, the third instalment in the Red Abbey Chronicles. This character has clearly had a very interesting past, even though she is very reticent about it. But she has dropped enough hints to make me very curious. Why did she settle down in this village so far from her birthplace? Why does she own a sword that no-one knows about? What has she done with it? And why did her first husband give it to her?

That is always my starting point: something makes me curious. It tickles my imagination and begs me to explore further. I poke around to see if there is something there; a story, an adventure. And if there is, then I am excited to set out on another journey of discovery. Hopefully the readers are, too.


I honestly love these books so much and strongly recommend you pick them both up: buy Maresi (paperback or hardback) and Naondel. Want to read an extract of Naondel?

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