The Crooked Sixpence by Jennifer Bell | 1 Minute Reviews

Have you been looking for something magical? An adventure to another world that mirrors our own?

The Crooked Sixpence, Book 1 of the new Uncommoners series, stands as one of my favourite middle grade novels of last year. Now is a great time to start, with book 2 coming along in June!


When her home is ransacked, Ivy escapes to the under London world of Lundinor with mysterious Valian and her brother Seb, to find out what happened to her gramma on the Twelfth Night. Lundinor, which reminds me ever so much of Diagon Alley, is a world where common objects possess magical powers and where Ivy realises she belongs after all, provided the Dirge don’t get her and her family first.

I’m positive, this is going to be The book series for this generation. Written by children’s bookseller, Jennifer Bell, The Crooked Sixpence contains all the ingredients for the perfect children’s book – magic, excitement, hope and freedom.

Recommended from ages 8 up as there are some scary bits with the Dirge, but if your child has read Harry Potter and is okay with Death Eaters, they will be with this. Adults will also love this – I recommend you pinch your child’s copy afterwards.

Interested? Get it here!

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Thank you to Penguin for sending me the copy to review.

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