You Know Me Well by David Levithan and Nina LaCour | 1 Minute Reviews

You Know Me Well is a heartwarming story about self acceptance and growing up on the QUILTBAG spectrum. The story follows Mark and Kate, two teenagers celebrating Pride weekend in San Francisco in their own ways.


Mark and Kate aren’t friends at school even though they sit together in class, but a chance meeting in a gay club makes them realise how much they have in common. Kate is in love with a girl who doesn’t know she exists; Mark is in love with his best friend who might love him back?

I really enjoyed this super cute little book about falling in love and coming out. This is my fourth David Levithan novel and somehow my first Nina LaCour – I’m looking forward to reading more of their books!

It’s always lovely to read something LGBTQ that doesn’t end in despair!

This is a novel to read before going to celebrate Pride, or to give to a young person you know who is struggling with their queer identity. It’s safe, loving and good fun.

Interested? Get it here.

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Thanks goes to My Kinda Book for sending me a copy of this!

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