Radio Silence by Alice Oseman | 1 Minute Reviews

This is probably my favourite YA contemporary novel. Every time I think of how much I love Radio Silence, I start to spurt a nonsense of onomatopoeia. Seriously, I just babble. Or worse, I do what I did at YA Shot last year and just straight out blurted at Alice that I loved her. I’m so cool guys, you have no idea.


Alice Oseman’s second novel Radio Silence follows studious, artistic Frances, lover of obscure storytelling podcast Universe City, as she befriends Aled, the UC creator and twin of Carys, the girl who disappeared after Frances kissed her.

But where is Carys?

Who is February?

Why is Aled’s mum such a wanker??

This is a great little contemporary YA fiction about being true to yourself, and not the societally expected Oxbridge dream (boy did that resonate!!), and that art is legitimate and important.

Universe City is a very much based on Welcome to Nightvale (an exceptional storytelling podcast) and I couldn’t help but read all the excerpts in Cecil’s voice.

It was super refreshing to read about bisexual and asexual characters without having any of the prejudice associated with being either. An absolute delight.

Interested? Yes you are. Get it here. Also consider supporting Alice on Patreon so you can enjoy her amazing comic series, Heartstopper.

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