If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo | 1 Minute Reviews

One of my favourite young adult novels about being trans!

Amanda moves away from Atlanta to live with her father after a series of incidents post transition leave her unsafe. As she settles into her new school and joins a group of girls, she starts to fall in love for the first time, with Grant Everett. As Amanda and Grant grow closer, she wrestles with disclosing her past with him. Will he love her for who she’s always been?

I absolutely love the American hardback cover with stunning trans model Kira Conley.

This is not just a contemporary romance YA; it is a story of Amanda living her authentic self. Her past is told in flashbacks in between chapters, but generally we see her life as a trans woman – including her fear of failure to pass, her network of trans friends and her feelings of just being a teenage girl.

If I Was Your Girl is a trans teen story written by a trans woman – cis authors can research a lot but sometimes lived experience shines through. Where other trans books fall flat in some areas such as discussion of pronouns, this book never misses a beat on trans issues, and includes a letter to cis and trans readers each at the back.

Meredith has done an excellent job with this book and I hope it is recognised for its importance in literature. It is a book that trans teens need, and cis teens should read.

Interested? Get it here.

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If I Was Your Girl was sent to me for review from Usborne.

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