The Almost King by Lucy Saxon | 1 Minute Reviews

Back to the Stormlands, skyships and steampunk! Yes it’s Tellus again!

The Almost King is the second book in Lucy Saxon’s Tellus Saga, this time bringing us to the cruel, icy country of Siberene.


Aleks Vasin is the youngest of four brothers and is fed up of being over shadowed. Headstrong, determined, and foolish; Aleks finds himself out of the mines and signed up in Ravka’s army. Fearing for his life in the prison like compound, Aleks decides to flee, taking with him a stolen piece of evidence – Nathaniel Hunter’s diary.

Aleks finds safety in an inn with a new family, working for a strange engineer on an exciting project. Can he prove himself to be more than just the fourth brother, whilst also hiding from the army and courting the beautiful Saria?

The Almost King is almost a saga in itself, following Aleks through a number of points in his life, with a life-changing journey appearing fairly late in the game. Saxon creates a bloodthirsty villain in the terrifying Shulga and a realistic frustrated teen in Aleks, desperate for his future.

The Almost King touches on more than you’d expect – without spoiling too much – including how societal background passes into armed forces life, destruction of lands through overuse of resources, corruption and colonialism.

The Tellus Saga are standalone novels set in the continent of Tellus, but I recommend reading them in order as this book contains spoilers for Take Back the Skies.

Saxon’s writing continues to evolve, and takes us on an adventure into the skies once again.

Interested? Get it here.

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