Margot & Me by Juno Dawson | 1 Minute Reviews

Juno Dawson stated that she approaches novel writing with the intention of giving someone a specific feeling. For Margot & Me, she wanted a novel you could read, curled up on the couch on a rainy Sunday, gently sobbing.

I’d say that she hit the mark with this wonderful novel.


Thrown from metropolitan London into a Welsh farm, Fliss is finding it hard to adjust. Her mother has been ill with cancer for many years and has decided a spot of respite on her mother’s farm is just the thing as she recovers. The only problem with this is uprooting Fliss’ life, Wales, the farm, a new school, and most of all grandmother Margot herself.

But when she finds Margot’s wartime diaries in the farm attic, Fliss begins to realise that her hard, complicated, divisive grandmother is not all that she seems. Can Fliss reconnect with the brave, sturdy Margot that once was?

One of the first things that struck me was how spot on the Welsh-isms were. Granted, I grew up in a near-seaside village surrounded by farmlands in the North, but Dawson’s use of linguistic styles was spot on. I felt old habits creeping out, isn’t it.

I must admit, I did cry once or twice. It is a truly touching novel. Margot & Me spans the years between World War II and the late 90s, covering important issues along the way with a gentle hand.

This is only the second Juno Dawson novel I’ve read, the first being All of the Above, and but I’m extremely impressed with the layers of emotion, grey viewpoints, storytelling and world creation in this book.

Interested? Get your copy here.

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Thank you kindly to Bonnier Zaffre for sending me a copy to review.

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