The Scarecrow Queen by Melinda Salisbury | 1 Minute Reviews

Hold up, this is the final book in a trilogy! If you haven’t read The Sin Eater’s Daughter or The Sleeping Prince, check out their reviews first as this will contain spoilers for them both. But let me say while you are here, this is one of my all-time favourite series. Not just of YA. Of anything.

Okay spoilers abound for the previous two.


I don’t think any of us were prepared for this book. In The Scarecrow Queen, Salisbury’s writing shifts into full gear, giving us a rip roaring ending to this fantastic trilogy.

Errin is being kept prisoner by Aurek, her body controllable only by him. Desperate to escape but kept captive through her determination to save Silas.

Twylla finds herself leading an uprising, a grass-roots rebellion. Well known from her role as Daunen Embodied, she strips herself of this moniker and picks up a sword.

As ever, the culture, mythology and history of Lormere, Tallith and Tregallan are at the forefront of this novel, though never overshadowing Salisbury’s equally excellent characters.

The novel changes structure from the previous two, switching between viewpoints of Twylla and Errin over sections of the book, allowing us a more in depth journey with each character as they struggle to reunite and take down Aurek.

Honestly I have so many feelings about this finale that it is quite hard to articulate. This series deals so deftly with emotional and physical abuse, survivorship, friendship, romance in places you didn’t expect.

And (hopefully those concerned about spoilers have really gone now), Merek oh my dear Merek! Upon second reading of the first two books, I realised how much I absolutely loved unsmiling duty-bound Merek and I honestly squealed out loud at his return, startling many a dog in the area.

I’m sad that the trilogy is over, but given that these books are one of the very few I’ve ever re-read (sitting alongside To Kill a Mockingbird and Six of Crows, yes that’s it), I know that I’ll be so excited to dive in again in a few years time. With the news that Melinda has just signed another trilogy with Scholastic and is one of the Floored seven, it’s safe to say that we are in for more exciting rides.


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