Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley | 1 Minute Reviews

I hoped it would be as good as the reviews suggested, and I’ve been really pleased to see that Robin Talley’s Lies We Tell Ourselves exceeded my expectations.

Taking from history of the Norfolk 17, Sarah and nine other black students arrive at Jefferson High for their first day in a white school. Linda, daughter of the most prominent supporter of segregation, wants nothing to change and wishes the agitators out of the school.

As Sarah and Linda are drawn together, through animosity and forced shared projects, their convictions change and their attraction to each other blossoms.

The story is told in turn from Sarah’s point of view and Linda’s, showing first hand how they come to understand each other – particularly important is how Linda becomes to realise that the racist ideas spread by her father don’t actually match her own feelings about other people.

A really great, beautiful book introducing very important topics of race and queerness to teens.

Interested? Buy it here.

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Thanks so much to Mira Ink for the reading copy.

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