Hag-Seed by Margaret Atwood | 1 Minute Reviews

Shakespeare and Atwood combined? Well, it was never going to be a failure, was it?

Hag-Seed marks the Hogarth Shakespeare project’s update of The Tempest, updated to see Felix ousted from his position in the theatre by his rivals. While in hiding, he decides that the best way to get back at his former colleagues is to stage the version of The Tempest he had planned, his opus, the one thing that will bring him back to relevance. But, short on options, he decides to stage this within a prison.


Alongside the whimsy, there is a deeper story about the importance of art for people in prisons – as a rehabilitation sure, but more than that. Art is necessary for life!

With shades of the light-hearted comedy moments of Orange is the New Black, Hag-Seed is delightfully witty and light, but is also a magnificent piece of work – the play within the book, which is also the play, leading to layered narratives of Tempest-dom!

Absolutely loved this and I think it and The Gap of Time are the strongest so far of the Hogarth Shakespeare books. Definitely one to pick up, worth even the hardback price. Don’t be put off by the dark cover of Caliban – it’s a wonderful, funny thing.

It’s available in paperback now! Get yours here.

I chat more about the Shakespeare Retold project in this video below!

Thank you to Hogarth Press for sharing this with me.

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