Take Back the Skies by Lucy Saxon | 1 Minute Reviews


Steampunk pirate ships.

I’m sure many of you, as I did when I first head that portion of premise, just sat up and went excuse me?

Let me introduce you to one of my new favourite series: The Tellus Saga by Lucy Saxon – whose birthday it is today! Happy birthday Lucy! The Tellus Saga, which will feature six books with each following a character from a different country (see the map below), begins with Take Back the Skies, a rip roaring adventure of taking down corrupt governments in Anglya.


Catherine is lucky; born and raised as a Government child in Anglya, she has never wanted for anything and lives in the lap of luxury. As her mother’s mysterious illness deepens and her father’s threat of an arranged marriage, Catherine takes her life into her own hands and stows away on a skyship, as Cat the boy who escaped a Governmental Collection.

Once discovered and allowed to stay onboard provided she proves her worth, Catherine realises that the truths she was fed are nothing more than propaganda to keep the people oppressed. Determined to use her insider knowledge from a life as a privileged Government child, Cat and the crew of the Stormdancer decide to take down the Government of Anglya.

Take Back the Skies is a truly exciting steampunk dystopian adventure, set in a world that I’m excited to explore throughout the six novels.

Interested? Get it here. The second book, The Almost King, is already out and the third book, The City Bleeds Gold, is due out in March. Perfect time to launch into a new series!

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    1. Yes you must! We are doing an author panel in Uxbridge with Mel and Sam on 25th March if you are able to make it? I know its a bit of a journey, but its a Saturday eve if that helps?


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