Too Close To Home by Aoife Walsh | 1 Minute Reviews

Too Close to Home is a captivating family saga, as jam-packed with characters as Minny’s home is.


Minny is a fourteen year old girl living in her Babička’s house with her three siblings Aisling, Selaena and Raymond, and mother Nita, desperately trying to find some space for herself to grow into. When Minny’s father Des returns quite out of the blue after disappearing four years ago, Minny and her sisters must decide how much they are willing to let him back in. Alongside her father’s reappearance, Minny has to face the reappearance of a family friend staying with her Grandmother, her seven year old sister’s devotion to the Bible and her Babička’s new boyfriend, Gil.

Aoife Walsh magnificently fits in extremely complex issues into this single book – divorce, jealousy, lying, mainstream schooling of autistic people, devotion to God, fostering, classism, fatherhood, forgiveness and acceptance, to name a few.

Walsh also provides a sensitive, accurate portrayal of an autistic teenager struggling within a large family and with the social challenges of mainstream schooling in oldest child Aisling. It starts as a slow burn, eventually building into a fast-paced explosive ending.

And now I can’t stop thinking of “life is like a train” metaphors.

Interested? Get it here.

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Thank you kindly to Chloe Sackur at Andersen Press for sending me a copy of Too Close to Home.

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