Hold Back the Stars by Katie Khan | 1 Minute Reviews

Today, you must all go to your bookshops to get Hold Back the Stars by Katie Khan, not least because it’s the prettiest book you’re going to see this year.

My copy from Katie arrived at the shop for me some months back and I just finished it in 24 hours, tear stained and overjoyed and in awe.


Set in the future in utopian Europa, Carys and Max meet – she an astronaut in training, he an aspiring chef running his family’s food store business. But the book starts much later, as they fall through space with only 90 minutes of oxygen remaining.

Told in flashbacks and real time, Hold Back the Stars is a story of love in a time where romance is forbidden for young people.

The world building is excellent, with Europa existing through a complicated system of moving people about (“Rotation”), in order to discourage romance and to encourage overall cooperation.

The dialogue is biting, witty and completely honest. I loved it.

Interested? Go buy it here.

What to read next:

Thank you again to Katie and Penguin for sending my copy to me.


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