M in the Middle by the Students of Limpsfield Grange School & Vicky Martin | 1 Minute Reviews

M is back! M is the main character of M is for Autism, the first book by Limpsfield Grange School’s students & Vicky Martin.

M has her diagnosis of autism, but still no one seems to understand her. Not her mother, her fiercest defender. Not her father, who has moved out and sometimes sleeps on the sofa. Certainly not her brother who seems embarrassed by her. And definitely not her school, who don’t seem to believe that she even has autism.


But when M gets her first crush on the wonderful Lynx, she wonders if this could be the beginning of her life of normal but magical moments. Or will it be just another series of misunderstandings?

I really love the M books and while M is for Autism was more of a primer on understanding the diagnostic process for children, M in the Middle is a novel in its own right. M is wonderful, her story relatable to many people – not just autistic people!

I also think the descriptions of anxiety in this book are the best I’ve ever read. I didn’t know I had anxiety as a teenager until someone explained to me that the fear of impending doom I was describing was anxiety – it seemed like such a simple word for such an encompassing thing! M calls it the Beast of Anxiety, describes it similar to the black dog of depression.

I wholeheartedly recommend M is for Autism. It’s a heartwarming story about growing up and trying to be true to yourself. Suitable for children aged 9+.

Interested? Buy it here.

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Thank you ever so much to Jessica Kingsley Publishers for sending this copy over to me for review.

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