Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine | 1 Minute Reviews

This is the book I wish existed when I was a young girl; I strongly believe that if I’d read this, I would have realised I was autistic back then.

Since Caitlin’s brother Devon was killed in a school shooting, she has felt lost. Devon helped her understand the world and her dad, who is now so sad that he struggles to understand Caitlin. When she reads the definition for “closure” in the dictionary, Caitlin decides this is what she and her dad need, and sets about to find it.


Kathryn’s descriptions of how Caitlin experiences the world is detailed, accurate and shows an intimate understand of autistic people. I particularly loved how Caitlin refers to Look At The Person as an action, highlighting the consciousness that social interaction.

It does fall ever so slightly into the idea that autistic people have to learn empathy, rather than experience hyper-empathy, but aside it is still a very strong novel.

Suitable for children aged 9+. I strongly recommend parents also read it as it is a great autistic point of view novel.

I wrote more about Mockingbird here.

Interested? Buy it here.

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