Pax by Sara Pennypacker & Jon Klassen | 1 Minute Reviews


When war brews, Peter has to leave his beloved pet fox Pax in the woods as he goes to live with his grandfather. Immediately regretting his decision, he sets out on a 300 mile journey to find Pax, who is learning to be a fox with the help of the local fox population.

I naively thought it was going to be a reverse The Incredible Journey. But it is so much more.

This book is actually about war, how it changes us so much that we can make terrible decisions, that line between morality and crime. It also has an excellent portrayal of PTSD. It is a very powerful middle grade book that I’m completely blown away by.

That aside, foxes are my absolute favourite animals and the illustrations by Jon Klassen as so beautiful!


This would make a great book to read with a child, discussing the themes and events as you progress. I would say that strong readers around 8 years old would probably be fine reading this alone, but definitely read together with younger children.

Interested? Buy it here.

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Thank you to Harper Collins UK for sending a review copy. I’m going to cherish this!

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