Hot Milk by Deborah Levy | 1 Minute Reviews

Hot Milk was the first Man Booker Prize 2016 shortlisted novel I read. Swimming Home is easily one of my favourite novels of the last few years and Hot Milk is another example of Levy’s exemplary prose and storytelling.


Sofia and her mother Rose have travelled to Spain to see a specialist consultant about Rose’s pain and walking problems after being written off by many doctors. As Dr. Gomez tests Rose’s issues, their relationship also comes under scrutiny and unhappy truths begin to emerge under the Almerian sun. Sofia struggles to right herself, find herself and begins to fall into step with her local community, and further out of step with her mother. This is a book absolutely rippling with comic tension and pathos.

I read this in mostly one sitting, which I recommend if you can. I loved this completely and the others are going to have to be very good to beat it!

Interested? Buy it here.

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