Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard | 1 Minute Reviews

I few months ago I went to a Pan Macmillan evening to talk young adult books, only for the magnificent publicist Bea to tell me why I should read Sara Barnard’s work. She was completely right, and I read the two of them back to back. My review for A Quiet Roll of Thunder is here.

Beautiful Broken Things is a stunning book about female friendship, the importance of boundaries, and severe mental health problems.

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 20.24.11.png

Caddy and Rosie have been best friends their whole lives, despite their separate schools. At the start of the school year, Rosie meets new-girl Suzanne, warm hearted with a dry humour. But Suzanne has just escaped an unsafe home life and is struggling. As the girls get closer, they see Suzanne’s increasingly erratic behaviour becomes clear. Can they help her? Can they save her?

I found the representation of severe mental health issues such as self harming and suicide realistic, honest and well written. As someone with mental health problems and close friends with them too, I felt the balance of friendship, carer and knowing when to put your own oxygen mask on first so brilliantly put.

I also think Sara handled the delicately contradictory mindset of love and hate towards an abusive family life, and subtly includes key information for people on how to support friends and family who are struggling.

Interested? Buy it here and I get a little tip! It’s only £3.85 with free delivery!!

The novel requires trigger warnings for: self harm, suicide, domestic violence.

Thank you to Bea at Pan Macmillan & My Kinda Book for sharing this copy with me.

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