Bone Gap by Laura Ruby | 1 Minute Reviews

Bone Gap devoured me. Laura Ruby’s astounding debut novel snuck its way into the UK on the 29th December and I implore you to go get it.

Roza had disappeared. Beautiful Roza who appeared in the middle of the night has disappeared in much the same way, except Finn saw who took her. The stone man who twitches like corn. No one believes Finn, that strange moon face boy, except maybe bee charmer Petey. As Finn’s brother Sean continued to recede into himself, Finn becomes more determined to find out who took Roza and bring her back.

Laura Ruby blends misogyny and magical realism, bees and brothers, hope and horror. I was truly blown away by Bone Gap. Obsession and ownership are key themes.

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 16.54.21.png

In America, where it was first released in 2016, Bone Gap won the Michael L. Printz award and was named book of year by Publisher’s Weekly, among heaps of recognition.

Interested? Get it here!

What to read next:

Thank you to Faber & Faber for sending me a copy of this along with The Graces. You just knew.

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