Wing Jones by Katherine Webber | 1 Minute Reviews

Wing Jones is such a little treat landing for you TODAY (5th of January, hello) and I expect you all to go out and get it because it’s brilliant. But wait, read this first. Click about a bit if you feel like it.


Wing doesn’t know where she fits in – mixed race, outside of the social cliques, awkward, in love with her brother’s best friend. When her golden boy brother drunk drives, resulting in the death of passengers and landing himself in a coma, Wing struggles to keep her world together. But thanks to her lion and dragon, Wing starts to find exactly the hope she needs to power through, one step at a time.

Wing Jones is an incredibly rich book that honestly deals with tragedy and grief. Overall, it is a story of hope. It is riddled with small positive moments and makes me want to always be the best me I can be.

And, not to be funny, but have you seen that pink-purple sprayed edge. Wow!

Well done Katherine Webber on a magnificent debut and thank you.

Sold? Buy it here, and I get a tip!

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Thank you to Walker for the review copy.

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