2016: My Year in Books

I got a lot of reading done in 2016.

I set my reading challenge at 120 books thinking that it wasn’t super likely I was going to beat it, but forgetting that I’m obsessive about reading and love to win things. I realised part way through the year that I used to do challenges like this all the time in my local library over the summer, and had a little book that I’d fill in about the books I read. Basically they primed me for this.

In the end I read 216. So that’s a modest almost doubling of my challenge.



It’s interesting that two of the most powerful books I read this year were the shortest and longest books. Seriously, both Warsan Shire and Hanya Yanagihara are genius writers who will definitely make you cry and think a lot.

I didn’t take part officially in any reading challenges because the book blogging community was still quite new to me. I did try to read the entire Bailey’s Longlist, which I did a good job of, but this year I’m determined to crank them all out. Stayed tuned on that!

I started my YouTube channel, which ended the year on 74 subscribers which is about 73 more than I imagined I was going to get so overall I’m super happy there.

I worked on my two book lists, The Essential Autie Book List and The YA QUILTBAG Compendium. These are both quite rough in design and organisation at the moment and I promise to improve them!

For 2017, I’m taking part in the British Books Challenge where my priority is to read books by authors of colour, but I will probably try and read the debuts and authors of the month too. I’m also going to read the Bailey’s Longlist again, and will definitely be working hard on my Youtube and book lists over here. Expect more content, and more frequently.

Bye babies!!

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