A few important updates!

I’m quite a messy person. My house is filled with piles of things that are there because that’s where I last put them and if I move them I’ll forget where they are. It drives my partner mad, but it is my specific kind of organisation that I’m working on improving.

To be honest, balancing projects for me is a little bit like the stacks. Here is my Blog (hello you are on it already), here is my YouTube account (yeah I started one, come say hi!), here is my novel (9,000 words baby *self high five*), here is my job as a Bookseller. They all have their own places in my mind and occasionally overlap, and normally I’m quite good at keeping them all preened.

In the last month, I decided (with a Doctor) to reduce the SSRIs that saved my life a few years ago. I’ve been on maximum dose since then, and it turns out they’ve been making me (even more) dopey than I am normally. I’m in the alternating phase and alongside that dopiness coming and going, my short memory is Not Great.

This became apparent this week when the Man Booker Prize was announced 4 days earlier than I thought it was going to be… looks sadly at 3 remaining shortlist books to read. 

I’ve decided alongside this that now is the time to do some “seat of your pants” writing for my novel, and so I’m going to kind of use NaNoWriMo as a push to get on that.

What I’m saying is that this blog Very Much is still a thing and I’m busy curating some useful lists of LGBTQ and autism books which will live here permanently and be updated regularly. I will launch these as soon as I feel I have enough on there to warrant it being published and from then on they will be updated as I read.

I’m going to continue to write A Questionable Step-Parentage as it’s my relief writing that keeps my brain fresh when all the others feel a bit temporarily stale and I need to entertain myself and rejig it. I like to amuse myself.

Basically, I might be a bit sloppy updating this for the next few months but come see me on the other platforms, I’m still talking about books all over the place!