Independent Bookshop Week Book Crawl!


If you hadn’t gathered already from this blog, I really like books. Words are a safe haven, a comfort, a challenge. Anything I want them to be. When I dissociate, I often “wake up” and find half a dozen books I’ve bought in the missing half hour. Bookshops are my altars to worship upon.

I really like books ok.

On Saturday the 27th of June, I’m letting myself loose on the Independent Bookshop Week crawl (#bookshopcrawl on twitter) with Books are My Bag. Their theme this year is #giveabook, which luckily, is what I do for pretty much any birthday or occasion. Plus, with two almost three niblings in my life, I keep wandering into children’s sections and looking for the stories that I loved as a child for this new generation.

Not only am I going to be taking part – livetweeting my journey and instagramming pictures – I’m going to plan my route so that it takes me all through London and helps me find bookshops I don’t yet know and love. I have a few in mind that I’m going to attend already, but comment below and recommend me some more! I’ll make a google map that I will share with you all so you can see my route around London.


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