What’s New Wednesday: Colour my life noir

Just a quick one to share with you all a seriously great little playlist I found this week.

I thrive on background noise and find silences harder to concentrate in as it replaces the space for my anxious thoughts. I find when I get really anxious, Rainy Mood in bed is the only thing that can bring me back to functioning. I suspect something of that is from spending a childhood in Wales and some of my working life in tropical countries – hearing rain when you are inside is terribly comforting to me.

But this week, I discovered that people have made playlists to go along with my beloved storm music. Pals, I bring you Rainy Mood + L.A. Noire Soundtrack.

For those who don’t know, L.A. Noire is a video game by the creative studio Rockstar who make Grand Theft Auto and one of my all-time favourite games Red Dead Redemption. The game focusses around cop Cole Phelps who literally has the face of Aaron Staten who plays Ken Cosgrove from Mad Men, in a creepily amazing bit of technology. The premise of the game and the soundtrack are amazing, but admittedly it gets a bit stale in the middle, though I still insist that people finish it because the last section is pretty good.

Anyway the point is, if you want to sit at your desk writing and pretend you work for a private investigation agency, where you smoke cigars on the job, and shoot bad guys, and are bitter about a personal crime that jaded you forever and drove you to obsessively never stop searching for the perp, then this is for you. 

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