80 for 80: a reading adventure in Little Black Classics

Sometimes, when you are stuck in a really good novel, you just want to dip into something else quickly. My usual go-to is a graphic novel as I tend to whizz through them relatively quickly. But I wanted to mix this up a little bit.

And that’s when I noticed Penguin had launched their 80 Little Black Classics in celebration of 80 years of Penguin. Upsettingly pleasing to the eye, each book is a taster of work from authors less known or rarer works by classic favourites. Each book has around 60 pages, and comes in at a very affordable 80p. All the books have no introduction, no background information, just the words alone. The books themselves are heavily weighted towards the 19th century and less than a quarter of them are written by women – I’m going to keep a running tally on the diversity as we go.

So I’m going to try and read every single one, and write about it here. Let me know which ones you’ve read and loved. Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 15.28.13

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