My Little Box: My Little Superbox – March

Continuing my desire to try new things, I have been investigating makeup ooooh. Growing up as a tomboy who rejected anything “girly” apart from drawing circles around my eyes in kohl eyeliner combined with dry eczema skin, I have very little experience with make up and other products. I had looked at the popular beauty boxes like Birchbox but admittedly had no idea what half of the products even were. I still kind of feel that way, so expect blogs where I try and guess if I’m using things right.

Last year, when the ~mists of depression~ were fully set in, one of my lovely pals Linka sent me a link to something she thought would cheer me up. That was My Little Box, and for full disclosure, I really love this company.

My Little Box started in Paris (as My Little Paris), offering a split between makeup and beauty products, and cool lifestyle stuff. I’ve had some really cool stuff over the last few months that I genuinely use regularly. I’ll do a post of all my favourite things I’ve gotten so far at some point so you can see the type of things you get over time (but you can also view the recent past boxes online here).

So onto this month! The theme was super girls which is right up my street. I get mine sent to my office (notice the coffee cup next to the washable keyboard), as at one time you got a little discount for it, but also it means that on days mid-month where I might feel absolutely terrible I can remember there might be some cool post waiting for me.


The boxes are always immaculately presented and the box itself is so very useful – I have them stashed around the house for keeping things in like all my present decorating goodies, or an emergency feeling-like-poo box in my bedside table. The ribbons are really cute, and I’m not quite sure what to use them all for just yet,


The stickers are really cute and awesome peppy superhero mantras, and if my main laptop wasn’t owned by my work it would be covered in these. Trying to decide what to put them on. Underneath the stickers is the usual My Little Box magazine which tends to have bits of info about the designer who curated the box, interviews with cool people, fashion photoshoots (in this case featuring my new fave clothes brand The White Pepper), and the odd how-to, which as a generally inept person I find very useful.20150316_094911

The rolled up material is a cute little t shirt – there were three different sets of words on, and this has grown on me as it is Space Jam themed, arguably the purveyor of the greatest website of all time. I will note however that the shirt is “one size” and as a size 12-14 it was a good slim fit on me. This does mean that any curvier babes might find this box to be pretty rubs value.


Inside is the usual drawstring bag – these are usually different every month and again, are really useful for putting bits and bobs in. I have to travel for work a few times a year, and find these very useful for keeping all my products or cables all together. The products they provide tend to be one from their own brand and two or three from other well known brands, which may be full or travel sized.20150316_095043

This month brings a My Little Beauty Lip & Cheeks. This appears to be a blusher-lipstick all in one. I’ll be totally honest, I have n o i d e a how to use blusher without looking like a clown. While I’m not totally sure what to do with this, My Little Corner products have all been high quality and I’ve enjoyed using them all, so I have high hopes for it as just a handy little lipstick. It looks really nice and peachy on and I think it looks cute with my skin tone.

I hope you enjoy my nostrils
I hope you enjoy my nostrils

The hand and cream by Caudalie Paris smells like Parma Violets. My colleague Julie and I tried it out, agreeing it smelt nice, and doesn’t leave residue on your skin. I could smell it all day, which was really nice! It kept my hands nicely moisturised. You get a 30ml travel sized version, perfect for keeping in your bag or on your desk at work. At full size, 75ml, it costs £12.

The Kerastase Cristal Liste Lait Cristal hair conditioner would have been super useful to me about 6 months ago when I had really long hair, but I recently chopped it all off into a Ramona Flowers squiggle. I’m going to save it until after summer when (hopefully) some time in the sun and the sea might leave it needing some kindly treatment. In my box I got a 75ml bottle; a 200ml bottle retails for £18.50. A few months back they gave me a Kerastase hairspray which is so so very good that I’m going to invest in buying it when it runs out.

So, was this month worth it?

For me, yes. For other people, I could see how it might not be, especially if the shirt didn’t fit. I’m also really gutted that this is the first month that hasn’t featured one of Kanako’s nice illustration cards – I’ve been collecting them to put around my desk area in my office at home. I know the stickers are supposed to be the illustration treat but I’d really have liked something to frame I think. I love the shirt – the soft cotton is really comforting on my skin when I’m feeling hypersensitive. In terms of value for the beauty products alone, it was pretty good. I have a few things to stash in handbags or drawers for now or later, to keep me feeling fresh. So overall I recommend them as a fun treat arriving every month.

Subscription is £11 per month plus £3.95 postage.

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