what is this and who are you

Erm, hey?

Must admit, I’m not always the best at openings. I get a little awkward and arm flailing and nervous giggling and tend to make a weird joke humoured by equally stilted laughter. I’m working on it on a face-to-face level.

Here, well, this is my first attempt, so cut me a little slack. Or don’t, that’s okay too.

I figure the two questions you ask when you go onto someone’s blog are “what is this?” and “who are you?” so let’s start there.

This is my new blog. I’ve been fannying around on Tumblr for a little while misusing it as a blogging site rather than sharing GIFs of my favourite Broad City moments, under the (amusing to me) title of Seize the Day where I document my feelings on being a person with seizures and wonky mental health.

I’m not going to lie, that’s probably going to crop up here, but less frequently. As the ~mists of depression~ have lifted, I’m starting to get my life back together and actually have remembered the things I like to do. It’s funny in a way – I read a lot that one of the things with depression is losing the will to do things and I didn’t even notice it all slip by me. First the cooking went, them some of the reading, and the singing stopped, but they faded away so slowly along with me that I hardly noticed their absence.

Okay, I did warn you there’d be some element of MH stuff.

The point is I have remembered how much I like writing. It’s actually what I do for a job, though that’s more confined to the underwater realms (hence the fish of fishgrrrl), and sometimes its good to exercise a change of subject.

Things to expect include: photos of things I have eaten and maybe if you are lucky the recipes, a round up of my monthly reading, the occasional monthly box haul as I keep trying out new ones, and hopefully some anecdotes of small adventures I’ve been on.

Oh, I almost forgot the who am I bit. I’m a 26 year old former country bumpkin living in London (snore yes, sorry I don’t have a more exciting origin story), former marine biologist turned conservation communicator.

Here is a picture of me stroking a sheep on St David’s Day, 2015.


I usually sign off my work-work as “stay tuna’d” hahaha oh so funny, but here I guess I’ll just say ta ta for now.

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